REAL living

"Whenever you are creating beauty around you,

you are restoring your own soul."

Alice Walker

Home styling 

They say that some people have the gift of gab.  Well, we have the gift of making spaces beautiful, functional and efficient.  We work within your budget, large or small, and can turn any area into an exquisite, highly-functioning space that you'll love. With a background in architecture and interior design, we combine balance and beauty to turn any space into one that flows effortlessly. We all possess talents and at Style Seattle, ours is being able to see things that others might not see. We can walk into any room and quickly assess design elements that aren't cohesive or complimentary and offer ways to make your space both purposeful and fabulous. Whether you're accessorizing your home or doing a complete home renovation, Style Seattle provides a custom, affordable interior design service that works for you. With designers, contractors and talented staff and vendors, we have the knowledge and expertise to execute your project from conception to reality.

Personal concierge & life management

The quote in the picture says, "Everything is ready, it only needs to be done".  Although we don't speak German, the saying fits us perfectly. When we begin working with you, we come ready to work, we come prepared and come to inspire you to keep doing what you do, seamlessly!  Your life is stressful enough, we come to help alleviate that. This is more than a lavish luxury, it is a practical way that enables you to save time, increase efficiency and revitalize your schedule. From running basic errands to organizing travel and entertainment, our staff finds inspiration in understanding each client's needs. No task is too big or small.

Residential Services & Errands ::  Pet Care & Walking :: Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning/Preparation   Travel Arrangements & Accommodations :: Business Support Services :: Nightlife/VIP Arrangements   Dining & Reservations :: Recreational Requests :: Spa & Salon Services

Organizing Your Spaces

We have a saying at Style Seattle - if we can't find something within 30 seconds, then that's a problem. Whether it be passports or tape, everything has its place and everyone knows where to find it. Every time. Your time and resources are important to you, so it's important that we come, assess the project and get right to work. When we do, you will see radical, quick results and you will feel immediate relief and freedom. Chaos and disorganization lead to stress and anxiety - as we transform your space, inch by inch, you will breathe more deeply and relax almost instantly. We work within your budget, large or small and can turn any drawer, cupboard, closet or room into an exquisite, highly-functioning space that you'll love. 

Closet Design/Organizing :: Memorabilia Sorting & Sorting :: Implementing Filing Systems

Garage, Attic & Basement Organization :: Home/Work Office Overhauls :: Kitchen Efficiency Design Playroom/Craftroom/Gameroom Organizing :: Streamlining Family Living Spaces :: Moving & Relocation Support